Aims and Objectives of the College


Most of the students coming to this College are from families with low socio-economic background.  Many of the students are even first generation learners and it is a real challenge to impart quality education to them. We are confident that together we will fulfil the dreams that the donors of this college once dreamt of. The aim of the college is to impart education with skills and perspectives needed for understanding and participating responsibly and creatively in life beyond the college. Our aim is to offer all the students a range of opportunities so that they can achieve to the best of their ability within a framework of shared values and standards.

Our objective is to provide a stimulating learning environment in which students can develop their academic potential to the full. The college aspires also to provide a happy and secure pastoral environment in which the students can learn to live together and thus foster a sense of community, co-education and good citizenship. This college provides the students with the opportunity to take advantage of a breadth of co-curricular activities in order to develop positively all aspects of their character. We are determined to eradicate all sorts of social obscurantism and offer equal opportunities for all the students irrespective of their caste, religion and gender. The objective of the college strongly manifests the spirit of education for Empowerment.

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